We cultivate Life into Artwork !!!
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We cultivate life in Logos

* 15 Years of Solid Experience
* Fixed Price Schemes
* 3-6 Hours Turnaround Time
* Free Edits
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Fixed Price Embroidery Digitizing
We only use experienced Digitizers to work on your Artwork.

They know how Machine Works.

They digitize swiftly with attention to Details

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About us

Quality Digitizing, Fast Turnaround & Free Edits

15 years of Experience makes us formidable player in the Machine Embroidery Digitizing sphere. We work as a Digitizing Arm for our Customer and are integrated well within their Businesses. Hence, all three Factors viz. Quality, Turnaround & Pricing (TPC) are Customer Centric and aimed to accelerate our Customer’s business.


We Are

Best Digitizing House

There are numerous Digitizing Houses around, but we are different and promise to be different.  Quality is forefront of everything we do from Digitizing to Order Management to Customer Service. We are commended for our work not only in Digitizing but also the Customer Care offered to our elite board. Costing is secondary for us, we know when our Customer is happy, they are doing well and if they are doing well, it obviously means more business for us.


We Have

15 Years of Experience

Our 15 years of experience in Digitizing & Embroidery business reflects in our quality consistently. We cultivate life in Logos for the Companies and help Clients to reach their customer to their Brand Image.  With fastest turnaround and top quality workmanship made us popular amongst our Customer Community.


We Offer

Free Edits & Fast Turnaround

We don’t penalise our Customers for edits when requirements are not complete during the Order. Fastest turnaround (usually 4-6 Hours) comes with no additional cost.


Our services

One-Stop Shop for all your Digitizing Needs

In the portfolio section you can display your works consisting of screenshots and additional information such as description, short description, URL, date of completion, etc. Moreover you can add not just one, but as many images to one portfolio item for better visual guidance.

Vector Conversions
We provide Vector Conversions Service and image repair service specializing in manually re-drawing images in
Logo Digitizing
We understand and appreciate that Logo carries the Brand value for your Company. Hence, every
Badge Digitizing
We put extra efforts and skills to digitizing the Badges as they communicate specific message
Strong Girl 3D Hat
3D Hat & Beanie Digitizing
We have a dedicated team who has over 12 years of specialised experience in digitizing